South Suburban Music Teachers Association

Recital Protocol for Students and Audience

For all South Suburban Music Teachers Association Recitals:

• Please be on time. Arriving 15 minutes before the start time will allow students to mentally prepare for their performance and not feel rushed. Students should check in with the Recital Chair Person at the entrance of the recital room.

• Wear nice clothing. Girls may wear a dress or skirt of appropriate length, or dressy pants and nice shoes. Boys may wear pants with a nice shirt, sweater or jacket and nice shoes. Proper attire is meant to show respect to the audience.

• During the recital, performers deserve an attentive audience. Plan to remain for the entire program. In the event that it is absolutely necessary for you to leave, please plan accordingly by sitting near an exit and leaving in between performances.

• Students are encouraged to invite friends and family to the Recital.

• Students: Follow the program so that you will know when your turn is coming. Go to the piano and adjust the bench. Relax, take your time, and begin playing when you are ready. After your performance, face the audience and acknowledge the applause with a bow. This is an opportunity to share your music with others.

• SSMTA offers non-formal and formal recitals each year. For formal recitals, memorization is required. Music should be left at home or at your seat. Failure to perform by memory may result in not earning a medal for performing in this recital.